Fraste FS500 / FS400

Multi-Purpose, High Performance

A robust, high-performance, and dependable drilling rig, the FS 500 is meticulously designed for versatile use with various drilling methods. Whether employing direct or reverse fluid circulation, air drilling with DTH hammer, auger dry drilling, or catering to Water Wells, Surface soil and mineral Exploration, Geothermal drilling, Seismic, and Coring needs, this rig stands as a powerhouse. Boasting a 40-ton pulling capacity and a maximum torque of 3500 daNm, it offers unparalleled strength. It can be efficiently mounted on 3 or 4 axles truck, crawler carrier, or semitrailer. The FS 500 comes equipped with an extensive range of equipment and attachments for diverse tasks. Additionally, the original and exclusive Fraste all-hydraulic drill pipes loading system further enhances its functionality.

Quick Facts

  • 5 x Fraste FS 500 Rigs and 1 x FS 400 rig
  • Custom made with ergonomically sound set up
  • Structurally engineered to a 5:1 safety factor
  • Compliant to both European and Australian Standards
  • 40,000kg pull back / 30,000NM head torque
  • Able to carry 240m of drill rods onboard
  • Tier 1 Compliant working on projects at BHP and Water Corporation
  • Double Option Mud Pump with Centrifugal and Duplex Capabilities
  • Safety cut outs on winches and Rotation Cage
  • Side Shift Rod Handler for Deep Holes
  • Less Noise (PTO Driven – Silenced to 78DB @ 4 metres )
  • Low fuel consumption (Fuel emissions meet Euro 5 emission standards )
  • Full remote radio control for all drilling functions option
  • Fully hands-free breakout system up to 24”
  • Fully hands-free rod handling system

Schramm T685

Precision, Mobility & Durability

The Schramm T685 is a highly versatile and efficient truck-mounted drill, offering numerous benefits in drilling operations. With its powerful design and mobility, it excels in accessing remote locations, enabling cost-effective exploration in challenging terrains. The T685’s innovative technology ensures precise and reliable drilling, reducing downtime and enhancing overall productivity. Its robust build enhances durability, making it suitable for a variety of drilling applications. Equipped with advanced features, including a large hoist capacity and a spacious control cabin, the Schramm T685 stands out as a reliable choice for industries requiring precision, mobility, and durability in their drilling operations.

Quick Facts

  • Manufacturer: Schramm Australia 
  • Model: T685 WS Truck Mounted (Mercedes Benz Actros 8 x 8)
  • Compressor: Sullair 500
  • Air Capacity: 1250cfm@500psi 
  • Deck Engine: CAT 27 (850HP); EURO III Emission Standards
  • Noise Suppression: <85dba at 7.0m
  • Fire Suppression: LOP (Loss of Pressure) System
  • Pullback Capacities: 60,600lb (32,000kg)
  • Depth Capacity: depending on ground conditions 400-500m
  • Walkways/Handrails/Steps: Compliant with Australian Standards (AS1657)

Atlas Explorac 220RC

Powerful, Compact & Versatile

Atlas Copco Explorac 220RC and E235 drill rigs excel in delivering versatile drilling to cater to the demands of both exploration and mine site projects. With a compact design, these rigs are exceptional in catering precision RC drilling across diverse terrain with optimum results.

Advanced hydraulics on both track and truck rigs provide reliable performance and high mechanical availability. Smart design rig remote consoles prioritise operator safety and enable drilling away from the rig . Built with improved fuel efficiency in mind, these rigs are a great choice in providing cost effective RC exploration for the best results.

Quick Facts

  • Manufacturer: Atlas Copco
  • Model: Explorac 220RC Truck Mounted (Mercedes Benz Actros 8 x 8)
  • Compressor: Atlas Copco XRX12
  • Air Capacity: 1260cfm@365psi or 1050cfm@450psi
  • Deck Engine: CAT C18 (700HP); EURO III Emission Standards
  • Noise Suppression: <85dba at 7.0m
  • Operators Control and Rod Handling: Remote control of 10m mast distance
  • Fire Suppression: LOP (Loss of Pressure) System
  • Pullback Capacities: 50,600lb (23,000kg)
  • Depth Capacities: 400+m
  • Walkways/Handrails/Steps: Compliant with Australian Standards (AS1657)